DESCRIPTION OF  PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES:  1hr of time for digital photography included in both packages.  Additional time will be charged at $50 per hr. $25 per half hour.

Studio session: $100 for 6 edited images, plus black and white copies. 12 images total.

Location session: $150 for 6 edited images, plus black and white copies. 12 images total. Within 20 miles of the Fort Collins area.

*Olio Creations will pick out your initial 6 images. You will have access to view other proofs of photos from the session. After viewing proofs, if additional photos from the session are desired, they may be purchased at $10 each which includes standard editing. One color and one black and white per additional photo.  High Resolution files will then be available for you to download or a thumb-drive option is available as well.

EDITING SERVICES: If additional editing or composite work is requested, price will be determined on a photo by photo basis. Photo restoration and special projects are also priced on a photo by photo basis. 

CONTACT ME:  By filling out the contact form, call (701) 202-2870 or email me at

I will get back with you within 24 hrs.

Looking forward to working with you! 

ABOUT: I offer family portrait photography at locations in and around Fort Collins, CO or studio sessions in my relaxed in-home studio.  I have been doing digital editing for photographers and the general public for over 5 years, and I love helping families capture moments that will last a lifetime! 

I also offer digital fantasy pieces, and restoration services for historic and old family photos.  I am open to shooting for and editing CD covers, book covers, or any other photo manipulation you may need for your business or family images. 

Contact me using the form below or call 701-202-2870, or email: 

See my Facebook page at     

"My Precious Baby Dear" toddler book.
When my daughter was first born, I wrote this book for her. It has been shared on, since 2011.  Since then, various non-profits have used the book to share on their websites and mobile devises for underprivileged kids around the world. It is to my great honor and excitement to be able to share this special little book with you. Download the PDF with the blue button below. 


Candy Lane Cards
Many of the new Candy themed board games use a spinner instead of cards. I thought the cards are fun, so I made my own. Download them for with the blue button below. Includes a handy, "You Win!" and  "Go to Castle" card for those never-ending games. Print out on card stock for longer play or get creative! Adding sight words or simple math problems to the cards makes for a great educational game. 

The Wedding Planning Workbook
A short, but thought provoking workbook to help you organize your dreams and plans for your wedding. 35 pages of free  helpful tips and tricks. Download a printable PDF version with the blue button below. 

​​"You don't take a photograph,

you make it." -Ansel Adams